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Dedicated to those who fought and sacrificed for Canada.


These prints that pressed on paths t’wards wars,

Have march through woods of centuries o’ growth

And each recruit did follow lead,

To enlist with Death and to Death give their oath

These footprints pressed on barren snow

Where frost did bite through weathered boots,

And for British crown did they defend

With musket primed and by trigger shoots

As time did pass, these prints did lead

Into mudded trench that boots embossed

And with each step that went over top

Remained soles of souls that lived and lost

And in the heat of eastern desert storms

Patrolling steps to ensure homeland peace

Each foot did risk an IED

Each print on minds did scars increase

For how will memory mark each loss?

And what if winds disperse all trace and hint?

Leaving ash where once the brave have fought

Leaving grief


Near each Foot Print

Silvia Pecota

May 2014

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