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Portraiture In Art

Lady Patricia

Creating a Portrait of Character

Phase I: 

The session is approximately 3-4 hours.

This includes the initial meeting to discuss the scene, wardrobe, props and options for poses.

Photoshoot is against a white backdrop as I will be cutting out the figure to work in photoshop.


Phase II: 

I email the result of the photoshoot so a selection is made of potential poses that could be combined with a different face or hand. The best options are assembled and then emailed for review. I will then proceed with any details that require changing. This could be straightening out clothing to buttons to adjusting props.


I work on the background separately. Once the pose is approved I will insert the figure into the scene. I will email the image at that point to see what details need to be altered and I work on those adjustments. Once approval is finalized, I finish refining the image with such details as lights and shadows so to create a composition that looks seamless.


The final artwork is printed on watercolour paper. The “print package” will include the selection that is ordered.  A low resolution image is included and will be emailed and is for personal usage which includes social media.


Photos are taken at my studio in Kingston, Ontario. There may be a possibility to travel to a location and travel fees will be determined according to the distance from Kingston, Ontario.

Lady Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma


General Paul Wynnyk

General Lanthier Lanthier

Col Paul Taillon

Col Paul Taillon (Ret'd)

General Leslie

General Leslie

A Unique Reflection 

of distinction

The price to create a portrait is $1250.00 (includes shipping) + tax.

The portrait will be printed on fine art paper 

and includes 3 prints:

One (approx.) 16"x20" + two 8"x10" 

Also a low resolution file will be emailed that

can be uploaded onto social media if desired.

A deposit of $250.00 prior to the photoshoot.


The balance is paid prior to the shipping of the artwork.


More copies of the print are available upon inquiring.

To book a photo session, please call Silvia at 613-536-1616

or email

General Haines

General Haines

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