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Information about Silvia Pecota Studio


My artwork and my inspiration is very much influenced by the classical styles of the Italian Renaissance.  I am a believer in understanding various mediums by having hands-on experience. This has led me to experiment with various techniques from oil painting to al fresco. And my thirst for visiting art galleries and museums (particularly in Europe), is insatiable.


But as we now live in a technological world, I have taught myself to incorporate the artistic styles of the past into a digital format. My compositions are created by incorporating all forms of techniques; starting with a photograph to meshing multiple layers of imagery through photoshop.


And this is how I now also create.


In most cases, I ship by Canada Post “Expedited”. There is a tracking number and it takes 1-5 business days (depending where in Canada the package is being delivered). After placing the order online it may take up to a week before it can be shipped but I try to ship next day. If it is an urgent matter, please contact me by email ( or telephone (613) 536-1616 or (416) 464-5956.


Silvia Pecota is a member of CARFAC (a well-resourced professional association serving the needs of visual artists in Ontario).


 “The Copyright Act provides that the duration of copyright for a photograph is the life of the author plus 50 years. Freedom of panorama is also allowed, with respect to photographs of sculptures and architectural works, and there is also protection for those who "incidentally and not deliberately include a work or other subject-matter in another work or other subject-matter."


The copyright of photographs and artwork remains with Silvia Pecota Studio unless agreement is made prior to the photoshoot or creation of artwork. 

Clients can make copies of the images under the following conditions: 

•          Artwork and photography are for personal use only

•          Sale, Publication or any Commercial use, is not allowed without prior written permission from Silvia Pecota Studio or is agreed to prior to the photoshoot.

Booking fees &

Registration Fees

Booking fees and registration fees are non-refundable with the balance of the total amount, due prior to shipping the prints/artwork or prior to the beginning of a workshop. 

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