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Precious Paws Pet Portraits

“A Precious Bond”

One of life’s most precious gifts, is the bond one makes with our furry as well as our feathered companions.  

It is this special union that always remains in our hearts. And this is the source of my inspiration when creating these portraits of our most beloved pets.

Phase I:

I may be able to work from an existing photograph (as I would have to see it to make sure it is clear and high resolution).


A photo session can be arranged and this involves approximately 1-2 hours.

This includes the initial meet and greet to discuss the scene and poses and how to accomplish such. This also give time for the pet to feel more at ease and comfortable in the new surroundings.


A scene can be discussed prior, so I can create an appropriate background and a title can be incorporated into the “certificate of authenticity” that will accompany the final artwork.


Phase II: 

I select poses from the photoshoot and begin to incorporate them into a background, where I digitally mesh artwork with photography using photoshop. 

The final artwork is printed on watercolour paper. 

The price to create this special portrait is $395.00 (+ $20 shipping) + tax.

The portrait will be printed on fine art paper and includes 7 prints: One 11"x14" + two 8"x10" + four 5"x7"

Also a low resolution file will be emailed thatcan be uploaded onto social media if desired.

A deposit of $250.00 prior to the photoshoot.The balance is paid prior to the shipping of the artwork.

More copies of the print are available upon inquiring.

To book a photo session, please call Silvia at 613-536-1616

or email



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