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Life & Hypocrisy

16 January 2021

Sometimes “Life” keeps strange bedfellows…as per that superficial, blonde bombshell aka as “Hypocrisy”.

Walking hand in hand with “Life, and with no social distancing, her superficial shine is infectious to that breed of woolly-minded-Bovidae. From her lava-red lips emanate rays of patronizing speeches so penetrable, that many become addicted to her ideologies and faithfully flock into the warped-wired pen they voluntarily confine their existence to. And it is here, where they vow allegiance to their queen “La Regina Hypocrisis”.

And she does wear a mask – actually two - one for each face; however, it does not serve as PPE but rather it is used for deception. Granted it is so veil thin, that the east-sided plebeian population sees right through it.

With shades of insidious nerve, Hypocrisy preaches from a pulpit cast from bovine dung; her sermons reverberate across her one side of the valley. She provides blindfolds for all her adoring, agenda addicted audience, that is, those willing to absorb her thoughts only and applaud her convoluted yet convincing, preposterous perspectives.

And the airwaves do broadcast recitals of songs from sirens with a seductive soprano pitch, thus enabling the lure and intoxication of new faithful followers who become enamored by Hypocrisy’s manipulative dominance. And then they all prance in unison alongside a path of pre marked hoof prints.

This illusionist is able to transport her audience to fairy tale fields of pink cotton candy where the very thought of such a landscape can induce a tooth ache.

Oh “Regina Hypocrisis”, empowered by a swelling congregation, you reign by the three “C’s”: Castigating, Cancelling & Condemning. Providing the monopoly of mouth gags, allows the suppression and banishment of thoughts you can’t govern. Your ultimate objective is to obtain ultimate control guided by your infallible selective interpretations.

Furthermore, she is also a most efficient contractor distributing pickaxes and shovels to enable a trench to be dug so deep, that minds become eroded and embedded in sludge so as to suffocate under quicksand. Consequently, the fracture between the west and the east valleys expand evolving into an irreparable chasm of separation aka “no-man’s-land” *

*(note to those who are “woke”, this territory is aka “no-people-kind-land”)

And those on the east side of the spectrum, the targeted victims of such a “righteous” reign, wonder:

“why is it the Life keeps such company and allows for such Tartuffery to flutter and flaunt on such biased platforms?”

But take note, every sunset offers a sunrise, revealing that there are many paths and walks with “Life”. And thankfully, out of the blue, can appear a couple of buddies that occasionally enter the picture. Their names are “Ethics” and “Integrity”. They are tall, strong, handsome, well-armed and carry each a most solid shield- one that not even the gaze of Hypocrisy’s step sister Medusa, is able to penetrate their moral principles.

And who is it that follows close behind this dynamic duo….? Innocently skipping while trying to catch up, in a radiant glow, holding tightly to a rainbow-coloured bouquet of balloons….is the sweetest smile.

Her name is “Hope”.

Silvia Pecota

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