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Special Operations Signaler (Modern) & FSSF


Communications (comms) on the battlefield have always been a timeless requirement. In fact, comms has been the conduit to mission success whether to coordinate actions, call for fire support, medical evacuation, resupply or extraction. In essence, comms has proven to be a vital enabler for those on operations.


Throughout the long history of radio operators, none have been as vital as the Special Operations Signaler, who more often than not, has worked at extremely long distances, under the most hostile and austere conditions to enable comms that are vital mission success in peace and war, as well as the messy middle in-between the two extremes.


Artwork was created: 2020 © Silvia Pecota

The Timeless Conduit to Mission Success

  • Print size 11"x14" is a limited edition of 500 and is printed on watercolour paper using archival inks.

    Print size 16"x20" is limited edition of 250 and is printed on fine art paper using archival inks.

    These prints and the accompanied certificate of authenticity are signed by the artist. Included is a 5"x7" postcard (may not be of the same image). Prints are shipped flat.

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