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On the 6thof June, 1944, a massive armada of 5,300 Allied vessels participated in the greatest amphibious operation in military history-D-Day. Canada's contribution to the Operation Neptune, the naval part of Overlord, was 109 ships and 10,000 men which equated to 4 percent of the total naval strength. It included 10,000 RCN sailors and 110 Canadian warships.

This comprised of RCN frigates, destroyers, corvettes, minesweepers and landing craft. Early on the morning of June 5th, RCN minesweepers left Portland to clear the sea lanes in the English Channel. On June 6th, the RCN began bombarding Juno Beach area, engaged German naval forces and started landing Canadian infantry, engineers and tanks. The RCN ceased beach operation as dusk settled and withdrew. No RCN ships or personnel were lost in D-Day. 14,000 Canadian troops with all their equipment had been on the beaches of Normandy.

The Royal Canadian Navy

  • This portrait is part of a series entitled “Storming Juno”.

    • It is an open edition and printed on water colour paper using archival inks.

    • The size is 12”x18” (for easy to find standard framing).

    • The print and certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist Silvia Pecota.

    • It is packaged in a clear envelope + archival board and shipped flat.

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