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The Canadian Special Air Service Company



The Canadian Special Air Service Company (Cdn SAS Coy) was a unique Canadian special operations force organization that belonged to the Army airborne component of the Joint Air School in Rivers, Manitoba from 1948-1949. Although its rationale was to provide an “efficient life and property saving organization capable of moving from its base to any point in Canada in ten to fifteen hours,” its real purpose, or persona, was a commando force designed “to keep the techniques employed by (British) Special Air Service persons during the war alive in the peacetime army.”

The Cdn SAS Coy was disbanded once the Mobile Striking Force was stood up in 1949.


Artwork was created: 2017 © Silvia Pecota

The Canadian Special Air Service Company

  • Print size 12"x18" is an open printed on watercolour paper using archival inks.

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