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“News From Home”

This print represents a Canadian WWI soldier taking a brief pause from the realities of the war; he knows the pause will end, and that he will eventually have to go back to the battlefield.This is his quiet moment of escaping back to memories and news from home.


As I read your thoughts that were scribed from home

I am released from the trenches and the target of mortar rounds,

From this parchment do fonts illuminate

My escape from this war and bloodied battle ground


“Nouvelles du foyer”

Un soldat Canadien de la Première guerre mondiale prend unbref moment de répit des réalités de la guerre. Ceci est sonmoment tranquille d’évasion vers les souvenirs du foyer.



"News From Home"

  • 1. Metal License Plate Artwork (6”x12”)

    (signed on the back by the artist Silvia Pecota)

    2. Watercolour print (6”x12”)

    3.  Black Metal Frame

    4.  Backer support + 4 black screws

    5. Clear protective shield

    6. Certificate of Authenticity

  • Also included is a print of the same dimensions as the license plate (6"x12"). It is printed on watercolour paper using archival inks. This can also be framed using a similar metal frame and it is for internal display only, as in a garage, rec room or "man cave".

    The watercolour print can be an exact copy of the license plate ordered or an alternate selection can be made. Please specify which image you would prefer for the watercolour print.



    As the license plate may be exposed to the elements, the plastic shield (which is included in the set), should be used for extra protection.

    If using a license plate frame for the watercolour print: mark the 4 holes and use a hole puncher to make the holes for the screws.

    When assembling to hang the license plate on a wall, make sure the side that is marked “BACK” (on the black backer support) faces out. This offers support for hanging onto a screw or nail on a wall.

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