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This limited edition medallion is numbered out of 1944 and is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the artist.

It is made from a zinc alloy + plating of antique gold.

• Included is a 4.5" square display frame for the medallion.

• This set comes with a print of choice size: 8.5" x 11"

D-Day: Medallion + Print

  • During the Second World War, on the 6thof June 1944, the Allies began their liberation of Western Europe by invading German-occupied France at Normandy under the code name Operation OVERLORD. At dawn, the 14,000 men of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, supported by the 2nd Armoured Brigade landed on their beach, code named JUNO; and by the end of the day had made the farthest gains inland. The Normandy invasion paved the way for a complete Allied Victory culminating in Germany's unconditional surrender on 8 May, 1945 - VE-Day.


    This beautiful, limited edition 3 inch medallion was designed by Canadian artist Silvia Pecota.

    The scene depicts Canadian soldiers as they stormed Juno Beach on the early hours of the 6th of June 1944.

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