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The Boeing CH-47 Chinook medium/heavy lift helicopter was a reliable workhorse for Special Operations Forces (SOF) in Afghanistan. It was used for force deployments, insertion of equipment and resupply. Able to carry three times the number of troops than a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, Chinooks were regularly used to insert SOF operators on direct action missions, particularly deep into insurgent dominated areas.


created: 2020 © Silvia Pecota


  • Print size 11"x16" is a limited edition of 500 and is printed on watercolour paper using archival inks.

    Print size 15.5"x22" is a limited edition of 250 and is printed on Fineart paper using archival inks.


    These prints and the accompanied certificate of authenticity are signed by the artist. Included is a 5"x7" postcard (may not be of the same image). Prints are shipped flat.

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