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"Hockey Across Canada" is a beautifully illustrated children's book, celebrating the love for the sport of hockey.

This 32 page book includes 16 illustrations. Each image depicts a province or territory and the accompanying text gives the reader pertinent information about Canadian geography.


"Blue and I love it. We give it two paws up" Don Cherry

Hockey Across Canada

  • Copyright © 2003 Silvia Pecota Studio & Publishing Inc.

    Published by Mini Mundus Publishing Inc.

    • ISBN 0-9737098-1-2 (PB) • ISBN 0-9737098-0-4 (HB)

    •Inuktitut translation: Haakiktun Akianganun Kanatami (PB) ISBN 0-9737098-2-0


    32 page full page, colour illustrations

    Size: 9" x 11 3/4"

    Printed in Canada

    Ages: 5-10


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