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This artwork was created 2014.

It composition represents the Nursing Sisters during WWI.




She walked by rows of bandaged wounds

And minds so shattered by battering recalls,

Her step acute to each soldier’s breath

Her tears restrained with each soldier that falls


From a land of maples to embattled shores

To front lines of roll-call losses

From stretchers and beds and surgical tents,

To fields of mourning and implanted crosses


Her ear served as comfort to dying whispers,

Her heart so stoic to serve the Corps,

Her hand penned last words of fading dictation,

Her eyes bared witness to the travesties of war


She was a Nursing Sister, a woman of rank

Volunteered by a call, that all Canada heard

In uniform celeste with apron white

This Angel of Mercy, was nicknamed the Blue Bird


Silvia Pecota

(from book of poetry “Remembering Our Fallen”)

"Blue Birds"

  • Print size 11.5"x16" is printed on watercolour paper using archival inks and is an open edition.

    These prints and the accompanied certificate of authenticity are signed by the artist. Included is a 5"x7" postcard (may not be of the same image). Prints are shipped flat.

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