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This print was inspired by and is dedicated to all the brave members of the Canadian Forces serving in support of operations in Afghanistan- during Op Athena.


Athena, the Goddess of Heroic endeavour, stands stoically holding a lance with her right hand as a conquered snake rests on the ground by her feet. In her left hand she holds a branch of 13 maple leaves representing the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.

As the “companion of heroes” she wears a breastplate called an “Aegis”, originally named after the protective shield of Zeus. it is bordered by snakes with the head of Medusa in the centre.


Artwork was created in 20011.

Athena with Maple Leaves

SKU: Ath_ML_12x16
  • Print size 12"x16" is an open edition and is printed on watercolour paper using archival inks.

    These prints and the accompanied certificate of authenticity are signed by the artist. Included is a 5"x7" postcard (may not be of the same image). Prints are shipped flat.

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