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Christmas Ornament cards make a perfect gift that will adorn the tree each year,

or removed from the metal tag and the magnet can attach to any metallic base.



Set of 6 Christmas Cards: Magnetic Ornaments

  • These ornaments come packaged with a card that not only symbolizes a festive greeting but can also serve as a Christmas decoration as well as a lasting memory.


    Set of 6 different magnet ornaments on metal tag:

    Included are 6 cards & envelopes (5.5” x 4.25”).

    Size of vertical magnet: (size 2.5”x4”)

    Size of horizontal magnet: (size 3”x4”)

    Set includes:

    • Armistice Day
    • Soldier of 1812
    • Mail Run
    • Santa’s Rounds
    • A Silent Night
    • ‘twas the Night before Christmas
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