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This plaquette is a reproduction of the bronze relief “Fallen Comrade” which was created by Canadian artist Silvia Pecota and is dedicated to those who laid their lives for Canada while serving in Afghanistan (2001-2014). This bronze became part of the cenotaph on Kandahar Air Field in 2007. It is now an integral part of the Kandahar Cenotaph that is on permanent display at the Afghanistan Memorial Hall in Ottawa.

The second copy of the bronze that was originally at Camp Mirage (Dubai, UAE) is now on display at the National Air Force Museum of Canada (Trenton, ON).


Note: A plaquette is a small low relief sculpture in bronze or other materials. These became popular during the Italian Renaissance and were ­­­created for commemorative, religious as well as for decorative purposes. They "typically fit within the hand"; at the smaller end they overlap with medals, and at the larger they begin to be called plaques.

The form began in the 1440s in Italy, but spread across Europe in the next century, especially to France, Germany and the Low Countries. The French and German continued to be popular into the 17th century and there was a revival from about 1850. They have been closely related to the medal, and many awards today are in the form of plaquettes, as plaquettes are less restricted in their subject-matter than the medal, and has allowed the artist more freedom.

Plaquette: "Fallen Comrade"

  • This plaquette is a numbered edition,

    size 3.75” x 4.5”,

    and it is made from a zinc alloy with an antiqued gold patina.


    Included is also:


    • 4.75” x 5.75" acrylic display case with magnetic closure.

    • The Certificate of Authenticity is numbered and signed by the artist.

    It is an art card (5”x7”) with the image of the original bronze on the front side.

    • An art card (5"x7") of the artwork “Rest In Peace”, which is an artistic rendition of the original sculpture.


    The back of the medallion has a Maple Leaf where the name of a Fallen Soldier can be engraved.


    It is a reproduction of the bronze relief “Fallen Comrade” by Silvia Pecota © 2007

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