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"Desolate Hope"


This "allegory" of a Prisoner of War represents the "Canadian Soldier" left to feel desolate and abandoned by the promise his country made to him; the Soldier kept his promise but the Government is not honouring theirs; hence the quote from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the 1st February 2018.


Those who served and especially those who have been wounded, are basically "chained" to a situation that is out of their control. They are "Prisoners from War". These veterans, who deserve a pension, and to be take care of, even by modest accounts, would be able to live with dignity. Instead, they have been betrayed and abandoned by the infliction of cold and indifferent words. Trudeau's quote is a dagger that has penetrated the Soldier's soul.

And now, this battle-worn Warrior, is chained to a post, in his own county.


And nothing could cut deeper than that.


  • Magnet size: 4" x 14"

    Magnet size: 5"x10"

    Magnet size: 5"x8"

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