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In art, the allegory of “Hope” has been traditionally painted in hues of blue and often associated with a bird. In my depiction, I incorporated the blue jay, a Canadian symbol, that not only relates to the colour association, but it also serves as a metaphor for resilience, as the blue jay must endure all four seasons including Canada’s harshest winters. As such, “resilience” is also a character trait that Canadians have demonstrated throughout history, enduring difficulties and then transforming challenging experiences into opportunities for renewal.

And this is especially significant today as we live in a world overflowing with constant adversity.


But it is “Hope” that illuminates a path forward; granted, “she” can become elusive and fade from our vision. Hence, what keeps “Hope” alive relies in our strength of belief.


In this portrait, “Hope’s” gentle gaze reflects compassion and her subtle smile offers comfort with a potential promise, and this in turn, nurtures perseverance. She raises a nest with four eggs - symbolic of the four cardinal directions as well as the annual cycle of the four seasons. Each egg represents a fertile opportunity for rebirth. Her hand also serves as a pedestal from which the blue jay is about to take flight; thus, with her support, the metaphor of “Freedom” is to gain flight.




In Greek Mythology, “Hope” (Elpis) was an ancient goddess who saved mankind from all the evils of humanity that had been unleashed by Pandora who, by opening a jar (box), caused curses to be released into the world …..and all that remained inside the jar, was “Hope”.


Artwork was created: 2023 © Silvia Pecota


  • This limited edition print was created by Canadian artist and photographer Silvia Pecota. It is printed on fine art paper using archival inks. The certificate of authenticity and the print is numbered and signed by the artist.

    Size: 12” x 12”  = Limited Edition of 100

    Size: 14” x 14”  = Limited Edition of 50

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