The Special Operations Executive was formed on 22 July 1940, by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and was marked by his famous direction, “now set Europe ablaze.” The SOE was responsible for sabotage and subversion, as well as covert intelligence collection. During the war 227 Canadian served as agents and / or wireless operators. These intrepid individuals were dropped behind enemy lines by Lysander aircraft or by parachute. In addition, Special Training School 103, better known as Camp X, near present day Whitby, Ontario, became instrumental in selecting and training Canadian and American agents.



An inspiring symbol of the fighting spirit, determination and selflessness of the SOE and the Canadian nexus.


“The Intrepid Tartan” was created by The Abercrombie and the MacLeod of Harris and is officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans. The tartan is a Canadian tribute to the fighting spirit and selflessness of the SOE on the occasion of its 80th anniversary".


The blue in the tartan represents CSIS, ("the Service"); tan denotes SOF; the green stands for military intelligence; black exemplifies covert operations; and red symbolizes Canada and its connection to the SOE.


Artwork was created: 2020© Silvia Pecota

The Intrepid Tartan

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